How to get Tickets

In order to participate in Prebit, you need to create a wallet of your choice and ensure that your wallet has USDT (BEP20) for getting Precards and BNB for gas fees.

We recommend using Metamask and Trust Wallet.

1. Log in to

2. Click the “Connect Wallet” button.

3. A Wallet Connect pop-up will appear and you will be asked to connect to your wallet. The best way to connect is to use your computer and mobile at the same time. On your computer, choose WalletConnect, then scan the QR code with your mobile phone. You will be asked to confirm the transaction in order to connect.

4. Once you are connected, you can begin by registering your Precards. Each Precard costs 2 USDT and you will need BNB to push the transaction successfully.

5. To secure your Precard. Click “ADD PRECARD”. You can choose one Precard or up to 50 Precards at once by clicking the arrow on the right.

6. As you predict the Bitcoin price on your Precard, you can check the Chart button to study the recent trends of Bitcoin. It may guide you to a more accurate prediction.

7. You can manually write your Bitcoin price forecast for the next hour in each Precard or you choose our Quick-Fill option. In the Quick-Fill option, you can choose the range of your prediction and your Precard will automatically be filled. This is useful if you have multiple Precards. The Quick-Fill option will generate random numbers within the range that you chose.

8. Once you have selected your range, you can confirm your Forecast by clicking “Agree and Continue” button.

9. You will be asked to approve the transaction from your device. Open your wallet and an approve button will appear, click on approve to proceed.

10. Another pop-up will appear and you will be asked to confirm and pay, click on approve to proceed. The confirmation will be done from your device.

11. Once you have approved, please wait for the transaction to be submitted. This may take 1-2 minutes, so please stay patient.

12. Once the payment is confirmed, please click view Precards to review your predictions. You're all set!

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